ASUKA MODEL: 1/35; Sherman M4A3E8 Easy Eight "Thunderbolt VII" con corazzature in resina

ASUKA MODEL: 1/35; Sherman M4A3E8 Easy Eight "Thunderbolt VII" con corazzature in resina
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Cod. art.: ASUKA35040
scala: SCALA 1:35
materiale: plastica
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SCALA 1:35
prodotto da assemblare e da dipingere. Colori e colla non forniti.
The M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" appeared at the end of World War II equipped with suspended suspension, and newly designed wide tracks and Horizontal Volute Spring Suspension (HVSS) for improved driving performance. It can be said this to be the final evolutionary Sherman.
The M4A3 (76) W kit has new hull (top and bottom) and new turret.
The T66 single pin-type was the most common track for the "Easy Eight" in the Second World War.
HVSS suspension has movable parts to reproduce swinging action of the suspension.
Kit includes workable two part individual link T66 tracks.
Upper Hull is the late version with top front armor and wide positioned tow hooks.
Late model 76mm gun turret modified with the oval loader hatch.
Have of choice of two types of 76mm gun, one with muzzle break and one without.
The Cupola`s vision block includes accurately reproduced transparent parts.
Etched parts for periscope guard and light guard.
Includes M2 machine gun on the turret, and U.S. Jerry cans.
Four types of U.S. military Markings provided for northwest Europe 1944-1945.
Model kit does not include a figure


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