Wingnut Wings: 1/32; Gotha G.1

Wingnut Wings: 1/32; Gotha G.1
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Cod. art.: WNW32045
scala: SCALA 1:32 (54mm)
materiale: plastica
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The extraordinary Gotha G.1 design of 1915 was the first in a line of famous twin engine bombers built by Gotha in the First World War. The high position of the partially armour plated fuselage offered great visibility and effective fire positions for the gunner(s) but very little protection to the 3 man crew in the event of a nose over crash. The G.1 was initially conceived as a heavily armed fighter but was very quickly re-assigned to bombing duties and began the famous association of Gotha with First World War bombers.

-349 high-quality injection moulded plastic parts.
-9 photo-etched metal detail parts.
-2x Benz 150hp Bz.III engines.
-63cm wingspan.
-20kg & 50kg Carbinit bombs, optional propellers, lMG 08 'Spandau', LMG 14 'Parabellum' & 2cm Becker canon armaments and mountings.
-28 page fully illustrated instruction manual.
-High-quality Cartograf decals included for 5 colour schemes;

A = Gotha G.1 10/15, Fliegerersatz Abteilung 7 Sonderstaffel S.1, 1915
B = Gotha G.1 11/15, Fliegerersatz Abteilung 7 Sonderstaffel S.1, 1915 & 1916
C = Gotha G.1 13/15, Feld Fliegerabteilung 37, 1915
D = Gotha G.1 41/15, Kagohl 1, 1915
E = Gotha G.1 42/15 "Feodora", Fliegerersatz Abteilung 3?, 1916


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