KINETIC: 1/48; T-Harrier Harrier T2/T2A/T2N/T4/T4M/T8 Two Seater Trainer

KINETIC: 1/48; T-Harrier Harrier T2/T2A/T2N/T4/T4M/T8 Two Seater Trainer
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Cod. art.: KN48040
scala: SCALA 1:48
materiale: plastica
Disponibilitā: disponibile

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SCALA 1:48
prodotto da assemblare e da dipingere. Colori e colla non forniti. The decal also comes with 10 different markings for different version of the 2 seats Harrier. The two seater Harrier is a vertical/short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) jet trainer. Hawker Siddeley began work on a trainer around the same time it was developing the Harrier GR.1. This trainer version is the Harrier T.2 and its first flight was in 1969. Harrier T.2 Lengthened two-seat training version for the RAF, powered by Pegasus Mk 101 engine and with taller fin. Harrier T.2A Upgraded T.2, powered by a Pegasus Mk 102. Harrier T.4 Two-seat training version for the Royal Air Force, equivalent to the GR.3, with Pegasus Mk 103 engine, laser seeker and radar warning receiver. Reverted to short fin of single seater. Harrier T.4A T.4 without laser seeker or radar warning receiver. Harrier T.4N Two-seat training version of the T.4A for the Royal Navy, with avionics (excluding radar) based on Sea Harrier FRS.1. Harrier T.8 Naval trainer modified from early trainer variants and fitted with Sea Harrier F(A).2 avionics. Markings: 1. Royal Navy Harrier T.8 ZD990, 899 NAS, 2006. 2. Royal Navy Harrier T.8 ZB605, 899 NAS, 1996. 3. Royal Navy Harrier T.8 ZB604, NAS 899, 1996. 4. Royal Navy Harrier T.4N ZB605, NAS 899, 1985. 5. Royal Air Force Harrier T4A, XW265, 233OCU, 1992. 6. Royal Air Force Harrier T2, XW266, 233OCU, 1975. 7. Royal Air Force Harrier T4, XW272, No. 4 SQN 1980. 8. US Marine Corps TAV-8A, VMAT-203, late 1970s. 9. Armada Espanola (Spanish Navy) TAV-8A, 8 Escuadrilla (8th Sqn) 1988. 10. Royal Thai Navy TAV-8A, 301 Squadron, late 1990.