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Cod. art.: KN48054
scala: SCALA 1:48
materiale: plastica
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SCALA 1:48
prodotto da assemblare e da dipingere. Colori e colla non forniti. Mirage IIIBE/D/DE/DS/D2Z is a two-seat trainer and tactical strike aircraft. The Armée de l'Air ordered a two-seat Mirage IIIB operational trainer, which first flew in October 1959. The fuselage was stretched about a meter (3 ft 3.5 in) and both cannon were removed to accommodate the second seat. The AdA ordered 63 Mirage IIIBs, including 20 Mirage IIIBEs, with the engine and some other features of the multi-role Mirage IIIE. Mirage IIIBE: Two-seat training aircraft based on Mirage IIIE for the French Air Force, similar to the Mirage IIID. 20 built. Mirage IIID: Two-seat training aircraft for the RAAF. Built under licence in Australia; 16 built. Mirage IIIDE: Two-seat trainer for Spanish Air Force. Six built with local designation CE.11. Mirage IIIDS: Two-seat trainer for the Swiss Air Force. Two delivered 1983. Mirage IIID2Z: Two-seat trainer for the South African Air Force, fitted with an Atar 9K-50 turbojet engine. Eleven built. Decal printed by Cartograf. Decal designed by Syhart Decal, France. Markings: - Mirage IIIBE 2-ZC, Squadron EC 2/2 "Côte d’Or", Armée de l’Air, BA102 Dijon-Lonvic 1982; - Mirage IIIBE 13-ZJ, Squadron EC 1/13 "Artois", Armée de l’Air, BA132 Colmar Meyenheim 1989; - Mirage IIID A3-113, 2nd Operational Conversion Unit, Royal Australian Air Force, RAAF Base Williamtown 1981; - Mirage IIIDE number CE11-29, Ejército del Aire ALA 11, Valencia-Manises AB, 1992; - Mirage IIIDS J-2011 - Forces aériennes suisses - Schweizer Luftwaffe, Duberdorf AB 2003; - Mirage IIID 2Z 849 - South African Air Force, 1985.

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