Warlord Games: 28mm; Cavalleria Celta (10)

Warlord Games: 28mm; Cavalleria Celta (10)Warlord Games: 28mm; Cavalleria Celta (10)Warlord Games: 28mm; Cavalleria Celta (10)Warlord Games: 28mm; Cavalleria Celta (10)
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Cod. art.: WGH-CE04
scala: SCALA 28mm
materiale: plastica e metallo
Disponibilitā: disponibile

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SCALA 28mm
prodotto da assemblare e da dipingere. Colori e colla non forniti.

This regiment offer combines the multi-pose flexibility of our superb plastic Celtic Warriors with finely detailed metal and resin components.

The ponies come with the riders' legs attached - all you need to do is choose which upper torso and shield you want to add from the plastic sprue and due to the bowl-joint at the waist you're ready to swivel, tilt and otherwise position your model to your own taste! This gives you a great deal of flexibility and choice fpr your Celt army.

Contains enough plastic, metal and resin parts to make 10 Celtic Cavalry miniatures:

* 1 Plastic Celtic Warriors sprue
* 10 metal Celtic horses with integral rider legs (2 with chainmail, 4 with tunic and 4 without tunic)
* 1 resin Celt upgrade sprue (carynx, bucklers, javelins)
* 1 metal standard with horse icon
* 1 metal carnyx
* 1 sheet of self-adhesive Celt Shield designs

Note: models are supplied unassembled and unpainte


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